Why I Quit Hunting?

Why I quit hunting?

Why I Quit

Hunting is a sport that is surrounded by controversy and has divided the world into two different camps: those who stand in support and those who oppose it. I once was firmly in favor of hunting, but a few years later I decided that my personal ethics no longer allowed me to participate in this activity. Here are the main reasons why I quit hunting:

1. Animal Cruelty

Hunting animals can often be an incredibly cruel activity and can cause the animal a lot of pain and suffering. It’s a fact that most animals that are wounded don’t die instantly and thus suffer a great deal before finally succumbing to their injuries. This had a significant impact on my decision to stop hunting.

2. Impact on the Animal Population

As much as we may like to pretend, hunting can have a significant effect on the animal population. As more and more animals are hunted, their numbers will inevitably decrease which could lead to their eventual extinction. This thought alone was enough for me to give up hunting for good.

3. Unfairness of the Sport

The main issue with hunting is that the animals are completely unaware of the situation they are in and thus cannot defend themselves. I believe this to be an incredibly unfair situation and couldn’t bring myself to participate in such an activity.


In the end, I made the personal decision to stop hunting due to the fact that I found it to be cruel, damaging to animal populations, and unfair. Although hunting may still be popular in some areas, I believe that the positives do not outweigh the negatives and that it should be stopped.

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