Will a deer kick if you miss?

Will a deer kick if you miss?

What to do if you Miss Your Target with a Deer?

No one likes to miss the target of a deer, but it does happen. So what should you do if you miss with a deer?

Stay Calm

The most important thing to do if you miss with a deer is to stay calm. Don’t get frustrated and don’t rush. Taking deep breaths and waiting a few seconds can help you compose yourself and make decisions more logically.

Don’t Move

If you’re hunched over, trying to stay as still as you can is your best bet. This helps not scare the deer away, so you may get a second chance at a shot. You may want to practice breathing techniques or techniques to stay still for a longer period of time before you go out hunting.

Keep Watching

While being still, keep watching the area where the deer was. It may have just been running and it’s only a matter of time before it returns. It could have paused or gone behind a tree, which you don’t know unless you keep watching.

Will a Deer Kick if You Miss?

No, deer won’t kick if you miss, but they will likely run away. When you miss, the deer will sense the gunshot, being startled and trying to get away. They may run and hide, making it unlikely you’ll have a second chance.

What is the Best Course of Action?

If you miss the deer the best thing to do is to remain calm, stay still and keep watching the area where the deer was. Depending on what kind of hunting you’re doing, you may want to move to another area or wait for the deer. Just remember to stay calm and be patient.


No one wants to miss with a deer, but it does happen. The key to success is to stay calm and take the appropriate steps. Remain still, keep an eye out and practice breathing and staying still so you can get another good shot.

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